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How Your Extensions Can Survive Your Workouts


A common question that we hear nearly every day is, “I work out daily; will this effect the quality of my hair extensions?” Very simply put, the answer is no. You can certainly maintain the quality of your extensions while managing a consistent fitness regime. It’s all about choosing the right installation method and taking the time to educate yourself on how to properly preserve your extensions throughout your workouts.

One way to keep your hair extensions intact during a workout is to keep your hair ties or head bands loose enough for the hair to breathe, which will help you avoid putting extra stress on the hair. Try this with a traditional high ponytail to help keep your extensions away from the sweat on your face and neck. Additionally, if you’re hitting the gym soon after visiting your hairstylist, a loose ponytail will help you to keep your post-salon hairstyle intact for a longer period of time.

Braiding your hair before heading to the gym is also a great idea. As long as you are not concerned about maintaining a particular hairstyle, braids will be a real help when it comes to keeping your hair away for the acidity of your sweat. What’s even more, they will help to keep your extensions from drying out and will prevent damage from occurring.

If your workouts involve a pool or end with a few minutes in the sauna, you can keep your strands salon-chic by wearing a swimming cap. While they won’t cause irreparable damage, the moisture and frizz can cause some tangles. If you’re protective of your mane like we are, avoid the situation and keep your extensions covered during these workouts or activities.

Follow up with a bit of post-workout care by hitting the showers. Consult with your hairstylist for recommendations on the best shampoos and conditioners to ensure that you are giving your extensions the best treatment possible.

Remember, just because you live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you should be unable to experience the glamour of having great hair. Call Mane of Your Dreams today to set up a consultation.

2014: The Year of Long, Luscious, Healthy Hair!


New Year, new you!  Now that 2014 is finally here, resolve to not live with unhealthy, thinning hair anymore. What better time than right now to revamp your look and get those luscious locks you have always dreamed of having? Mane of Your Dreams Hair Extensions are the key to having long, beautiful waves of hair, regardless of your natural color, style or texture.

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Our 100 percent full cuticle human hair extensions are a great addition to restore thickness, volume and length to your pre-existing locks. Not only will we work to switch-up your look, but once you’ve taken a glance in the mirror, you’ll feel an improved sense of confidence – especially if you’ve been overly concerned about thinning and breakage. You can easily transform your lifeless, dull hair into luxurious, long tresses that are safe and healthy! Unlike other extensions you may have tried in the past, our human hair extensions are inserted by licensed and certified hair stylists with no glue, keratin or wax fusions.

Our unique method involves using ManeTubes, which can be fixated to any color you can dream on, without any damaging heat, glue or chemicals. Another great thing about our extensions is that if you decide that you want to switch up your look, they can be removed very easily. Plus, you will never have to worry about re-ordering every few months because they can be reused due to their high quality and method of insertion!

Every December 31st as the ball drops on a New Year, you have probably made resolutions that you slowly forget to uphold. This year, don’t drop the ball on getting the long, flowing, beautiful hair you have longed for at Mane of Your Dreams!