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California Hair Extensions By Sand


Honest Answers You Deserve.

There are so many people out there are offering hair extensions, licensed stylist and yes; even UNLICENSED…
It can be very difficult to discern who is qualified and trustworthy enough to do your hair. Make sure whoever you go to has been working with this system for a number of years…


Costs should include EVERYTHING~ don’t pay hourly for installation!


You might not pay for it financially~ but your hair sure will….. check out the pics- see the glue and braids I’ve removed?? Do you really want that in your hair?

Longer Hair:

Lets face it, the main reason you want hair extensions is to have longer, thicker hair, and that is because your hair is either not growing fast enough, or it just doesn’t have the capabilities to grow thicker and longer right now.

So its safe to assume you want longer hair, but you don’t want to “have” to wear them the rest of your life.

I totally understand, as, my hair will never be as thick as I would like it to be in the time frame I want, so I choose to wear extensions.

However, I don’t want my hair damaged in the process which would cause me to “have” to wear extensions the rest of my life or live with hair that is worse off then when I started with the extensions.

That is what lead me on my research, Training, certifications and tons more research to bring my clients, and yes myself the SAFEST, most natural looking and best product on the market today.

Be Aware:

  • Keratin,
  • Wax,
  • COLD Fusion,
  • Fusion, PROTEIN,
  • and TAPE!!!

It’s ALL GLUE. GLUE IS MADE FROM PROTEIN… Extensions should not stay in your hair for longer than 2 months without PROPER maintenance. The only way to remove GLUE from your hair is with a “solution”(acetone) and plyers! Don’t be fooled by all the hype and the promise of low cost. Don’t you deserve better?

My Method:

I primarily use the locking method; the tools and hair I use are custom made to my specifications. The hair and tools I use are not available on the market today for resale to anyone who is unlicensed/uncertified or not properly trained.

Lets face it, you want long hair. I understand; you not only want it safe, you need it safe if you want your hair to remain on your head.

With so many stylists out there, licensed and unlicensed, attempting to do hair extensions mainly for the extra money to pad their pockets with. They typically don’t care about the well being or integrity of your hair after you leave their chair, or in most cases their home. You wouldn’t go to a strangers home to get your hair done- would you?

Be Safe:

Please be careful and check out work and sectioning. If the sections are not clean and straight you can have potential damage. Hairs can be pulled and ripped out.

Don’t chance the possibility of PERMANENT damage to your precious locks to just anyone without the proper tools, training, and licensing; primarily to save a few bucks.

Licensed and Experienced

I am a licensed, certified, trained Stylist and Salon owner, and have been behind the chair for over 20 years. I stand behind my work and my hair. My goal is to give you the best hair extensions and salon experience ever without ruining your hair. That is what you want right?

I literally have tons of before and after’s of MY work, in my expanding portfolio. My portfolio samples are not taken from magazines of random folks. I have references and real samples. Most of all my work and passion speaks for itself. I have been featured on many shows for my work, passion, and my beautiful salon. I am very well known in the industry from coast to coast and I would feel privileged if you would come and see me, and allow me to share with you what I do, how I do it, and why. I have been doing this method for over 11 years and 98% of my clientle is this extension work.

Have The Mane of Your Dreams

You have one head of hair, if you damage it with glue, solvents, and have it applied by someone who really has no business doing it, or someone just starting out, your results could be detrimental and devastating to say to least. GLUE is GLUE- what ever verbage they tell you- if they use a liquid, or a heat tool, its GLUE

I have a few different alternatives as well to extensions for the top of your hair as well that might be thin and fine that extensions couldn’t cover.

My passion… Creating beauty, one head at a time…


Please feel free to check out my site, give me a call and lets schedule a complimentary consultation to get you on your way to the Mane of your Dreams.

I do not charge for consultations, all I ask is that you show up to your scheduled appointment. I look forward to meeting with you.


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